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Tall Chief Cove

Outdoor Free
Fishing, Lake, Camping, Healthy/Active, Green
Tall Chief Cove, , United States, Skiatook, OK

Activity Overview

Tall Chief Cove offers a great beach right on the waters of Skiatook Lake. The lake itself has a surface area of 10,500 acres and has a picturesque shoreline that stretches for 160 miles. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is well stocked with a great variety of fish species. It makes the perfect place to come and swim. You also have the opportunity to camp at the Cove so you can make a few nights out of your visit if you wish.

Things to Do

  • The Beach is a popular destination in the summer time. When the sun is out people come from all around the surrounding areas with their families to swim in the safe waters and lay out on the sand.
  • You can organize taking a boat out onto the Lake while you are visiting. This will be particularly good fun for anyone who enjoys sport fishing. All kinds of variety of fish can be caught from large and smallmouth bass to black and white crappie and wallleye.
  • Camping at Tall Chief Cove is comes with plenty of facilities to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable. Besides the camping ground itself you can find a nature trail, a playground, drinking water and restrooms and showers. If you like the area then you could do a lot worse than spending a couple of nights here.

Tall Chief Cove Insider Tips

  • In the past few years Tall Chief Cove has had to close down its beach during the summer months because of the low water level of the lake caused by low rain fall. Try to check ahead to make sure you can come and swim to avoid disappointment.

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