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Target Field Tours

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Baseball, Educational, Cultural, Touristy
353 N 5th St, Minneapolis, MN
URL: Target Field Tours  Phone: 612-659-3400

Activity Overview

The home of the Minnesota Twins, Target Field offers a range of public, private and educational tours for all ages. Take part in any one of these tours and you will be privy to areas of the stadium where the general public normally never go.

The chance to take a stroll around the press box, the dugout, the clubhouse and the Champions Club will leave you feeling like one of the team. As you take your tour you willl hear all about history of the Twins and their Stadium while getting to see genuine memoribilia up close which should be interesting for fans and newbies alike.

Things to Do

  • Public tours can be organised on non-game days or during the regular season you can book the a tour on Game Day, the price for both is the same.
  • The most expensive, but also the most special, option is the Pre-Game Experience Tour which gives guests the chance to go behind the scenes and see preparations for that day's game!
  • Educational programs can be organised for any youth age group. Subjects of these programs can cover a range of topics including the history of women in baseball, art, science, architecture and mathematics classes as well as a tour focsuing on career options in sports which is sure to interest High Schoolers.

Target Field Tours Insider Tips

  • If you decide to head to a ballgame at Target Field during the peak summer months try to book a seat in the shade as it can get hot. Also public transport taking people to the ballpark can fill up on game days so think about heading a little bit earlier than the start time, all the more time to soak up the atmosphere. There is a lot of seating for the disabled and the bathrooms are usually kept very clean. And remember not to bring along liquids with you, they will just get confiscated by security on your way in.
  • There is a good amount of walking involved in each tour so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • No public tours are held from November through to February.

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