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Taylor-Brawner Park

Activity Overview

Taylor-Brawner Park stands in what used to be the Brawner Hospital complex. The 10-acre area has been transformed into a park complete with picnic sheds and pavilions, walking trail, play ground, open spaces, and an amphitheater. Aside from these, the park is also home to two historic buildings: the Brawner Hall and the Taylor-Brawner House.

Things to Do

  • Bring the kids to the playground. The area is suitable for toddlers and younger kids. While the kids are playing, you may grab a book and read by the benches. Trees are lined up in the park so if you go before noon, most of the area is shaded. It's still best to bring sunscreen too especially if you plan to stay until late in the afternoon.
  • Make it a half-day activity, bring food and drinks, and go on a picnic. If your kids or pets love running around, bring a ball or a frisbee for a game of catch. The trails are great too for kids starting to learn how to bike.
  • Schedule a visit to the Brawner Hall or the Taylor-Brawner House. Visits should be arranged with the representatives. Check their contact information here.

Taylor-Brawner Park Insider Tips

  • Bring lots of water and keep hydrated.

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