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The Amazing Flour Tower Game

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Activity overview

The object of the Cut the Flour Game is to have players take turns taking slices out of the flour sculpture without disturbing the prize on top. Strategically speaking, your true aim is to make it so that the next person causes the flour to collapse. The person who causes the collapse has to then retrieve the item from the flour with their teeth and hands behind their backs. For a topper, you can use most anything, but our family chooses a candy piece because I don't want the kids putting non edible things in their mouths. You can also just play cut the flour without retrieval if you have really little ones.

Materials Needed

  • a couple of cups of flour depending on the size tower you choose.
  • a small to medium sized container to use as a mold.
  • A small object of your choice ( a small chocolate piece or candy ) For those not retrieving ( a button or a penny)
  • Butter knives or plastic knives
  • Baking sheet

How to Play

  1. Take your medium container and pack with flour. Turn it over onto the baking tray just like you would to make a sand castle.
  2. Place an item on the top. We like to use a Hershey kiss, chocolate piece or a chocolate chip.
  3. Each player takes a slice out of the flour vertically from top to bottom. This can be a small or a large slice of the player's choosing.
  4. The players go in order clockwise or from youngest to oldest and try not to make the flour tower collapse causing the chocolate piece to fall.
  5. The player who causes the flour topper to fall now has to put his/ her hands behind their backs and retrieve the chocolate piece with their teeth.

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