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The Blindfolded Artist Drawing Game

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Activity Overview

Try playing The Blindfolded Artist Drawing Game for family game night tonight. In this game one person from each team tries to draw the word he or she sees on a card while he is blindfolded. The members of both teams race to decipher what the artist is trying to draw.

This is a great game that keeps everyone involved and on their toes. There is always a lot of fast pace guessing and fun as the blindfolded artists attempt to draw something without being able to see what they are drawing.

Materials Needed

  • 2 blindfolds
  • large chalkboard or large pads of paper
  • chalk or markers

How to Play

  1. Write the names of objects and animals on the front of a stack of index card
  2. Divide the players up into two teams.
  3. Pick one person from each team to be the first artist.
  4. Show the artists from each team a card with a word on it, but don't let the other players see the word.
  5. Next, blindfold the artists.
  6. Both artists draw the object written on the card simultaneously as fast as they can.
  7. Each team tries to guess what the artists are drawing.
  8. Players from both teams can look at both drawings to try to discern the answer.
  9. The first team to guess correctly gets one point.
  10. Switch up the artists after each round of play and repeat.
  11. The first team to get five points wins the game.

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