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The Butterfly Place

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Insects & Butterflies, Birthday Parties, School Trip, Educational
120 Tyngsboro Rd, Westford, MA
URL: The Butterfly Place  Phone: 978-392-0955

Activity Overview

The Butterfly Place is an indoor butterfly garden located in Westford, Massachusetts, which is just 35 miles outside of Boston. This popular attraction allows visitors to see dozens of butterflies up close in a beautiful habitat that is also home to koi fish and quail birds. As you walk through the garden you can learn all about these fascinating creatures and their life cycle while viewing exhibits and talking with friendly staff members who know all about butterflies.

Things to Do

  • Walk along the path through the garden while watching dozens of butterflies flutter through the air around you!
  • Take your child to the "show and tell bench", where they can ask staff members about butterflies and see caterpillars and other insects up close.
  • View their 15-minute film and the many exhibits which are full of fascinating facts related to butterflies and explain their life cycle.
  • Look for the beautiful quail birds and koi fish that live in the garden with the butterflies.

The Butterfly Place Insider Tips

  • Pick up a Butterfly Hatching Kit from the gift shop before you head home - this exciting souvenir will allow you to hatch and release your very own live butterfly or moth at home!
  • Keep in mind that the butterfly flight area's temperature is kept at about 80 degrees in order to be suitable for the butterflies, so dress accordingly.
  • Feel free to bring along a picnic lunch and eat in the Butterfly Place's outdoor picnic area, which is open from April through October.

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