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The Calhoun Mansion

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16 Meeting St, Charleston, SC
URL: The Calhoun Mansion  Phone: 843-722-8205

Activity Overview

The 24,000 square foot Calhoun Mansion is the largest house in Charleston with over 35 rooms, Japanese water gardens and a 75 foot high domed stair hall ceiling. These features are just a taste of the wondrous feat of architecture this Victorian-era mansion represents. Today visitors can tour the mansion

Things to Do

  • Two tours of the Mansion are on offer to the general public. The regular tour goes every hour and a half from 11 am until 5 pm. The significantly more expensive New Grad Tour is longer than the normal tour and takes visitors to every part of the mansion and its grounds. Reservations for this tour must be made online or over the phone in advance. The tour guides are all very knowledgeable on the house, its history and its architecture so feel free to ask them whatever questions spring to mind.
  • The Mansion is a treat for antique collectors. The entire house is filled with priceless items covering from the current owner's personal collection. Though none of it is for sale it is still interesting for anyone with the slightest interest in rare or expensive artwork, furniture, decorations and curiosities.

Calhoun Mansion Insider Tips

  • For those with a real interest in Calhoun Mansion a book about the architectural marvel that is this grand house is available. It is simply entitled "The Calhoun Mansion" and can be purchased on the Mansion's website.
  • You can browse a photo gallery of the grounds and the Mansion before you go to get a sense of the grandeur that awaits.

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