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The Fed Experience

Indoor Free
School Trip, Educational
701 East Byrd Street, Richmond, VA
URL: The Fed Experience  Phone: 804-697-8000

Activity Overview

Everyone knows that money makes the world go round but few would claim they know everything they need to know about how the economy functions. A trip to the Fed Experience in Richmond s your opportunity to gain useful knowledge about your place in the economy and how your day to day choices as a consumer changes not just your reality but everyone's. It can be an eye opening experience for adults and children. Admission is totally free for all ages too.

Things to Do

  • The Fed Experience has two principal exhibits. The first is entitled "People, Markets and Prices" and explores the role that every individual plays in the free market economy while also explaining the importance and powers of the Federal Reserve. The second exhibit "Voices in the Economy" looks into what opportunities you gain from your standing in the economy and how your decisions affect the whole broader picture.

The Fed Experience Insider Tips

  • All visitors who are 18 or over need to bring a photo I.D to be granted admission. Also no backpacks, cameras, food or drink are allowed into the exhibit.
  • Any groups of 6 or more people need to register on the Fed Experience's website in advance of their visit. You can do this by clicking into Registration under the Visit tab on the Fed Experience's website. You can find their website here.
  • The Fed Experience gets plenty of visits from school groups. To support these kids learning they provide many resources under the For Teachers tab on their website which can be used in class.
  • You can find free parking at the exhibit.

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