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The Fire Museum of Houston

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2403 Milam Street, Houston, TX
URL: The Fire Museum of Houston...  Phone: 713-524-2526

Activity Overview

The Houston Fire Museum can be found in Houston's Midtown District in a former fire station. The building, the former Fire Station No. 7, has stood since the end of the 19th century and has been a museum since 1980 following the proclamation by the city council in 1977.

The museum takes guests through the history of the local fire department, from the days of a volunteer fire department struggling to keep up with the expanding city of Houston before becoming a paid department. The building was an active fire station until the fire department had another "Fire Station No. 7" constructed in 1969.

Things to Do

  • See the exhibits on display at the museum, including the technology used by firefighters both then and now.
  • Learn even more about the exhibits and make the most of the museum by organizing a guided tour of the museum.
  • Let the museum teach you and your little ones about fire prevention and fire safety.
  • Climb inside real fire trucks!

The Fire Museum of Houston Insider Tips

  • Do any of your little ones want to be firefighter when they grow up? Surprise them for their birthday with a party at the Fire Museum of Houston. The kids can dress up using firefighter coats and fire helmets, play in a model fire engine cab, operate the pump panel, and, perhaps best of all, slide down a real pole in a real fire station!
  • As birthday parties are private affairs, make sure to check before going that there isn't currently a birthday party taking place.

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