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The Fonz Statue

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Bronze Fonz, Milwaukee, WI

Activity Overview

The Fonz statue is a statue of a popular TV actor, Henry Winkler who played the character Fonz in the 1970's TV show, Happy days. Happy days was a sitcom based on a family in Milwaukee. The statue was erected in 2008, and was created by American artist, Gerald P. Sawyer, it is located on the Milwaukee River walk in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bronze Fonz is a public artwork, the statue wears a leather jacket and jeans, giving a two handed thumbs up, a gesture quite popular in the show. The statue is a must see for someone visiting Milwaukee.

Things to Do

  • People living in and visiting Milwaukee must see the bronze statue of Popular TV show character Arthur Fonzarelli, known as Fonz or Fonzie. The TV show "Happy Days" was based on a 1950's setting and was aired during the 1970's and early 1980's. Fonzie became a show star and more popular with the audience.
  • The statue is a popular site for photographs, many people frequently visit the statue, pose with and get photographed. Kids love to pose and get pictured with the bronze statue. Fonzie wears a leather jacket and jeans.
  • Bronze Fonz is located on the Milwaukee River walk that is a beautiful site, and many restaurants are located in the area. It is a fun and quirky roadside attraction.

The Fonz statue Insider Tips

  • Finding the statue can be tricky in the night time.

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