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The Fremont Neighborhood

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Fremont, , United States, Seattle, WA

Activity Overview

Going back to the 1800s Fremont started life as a separate city to Seattle and while it has now been a neighborhood of Seattle from many years it still maintains its own clear, distinctive personality which marks it out as something special. Traditionally the area has been working class but it has always had a very bohemian and artistic feeling. The spirit is kept alive with great works of public art, numerous concert venues, cool cafes and a variety of restaurants and bars. It manages the difficult task of remaining trendy without becoming pretentious.

Things to Do

  • Residents of this quirky neighborhood like to refer to it as "The Center of the Universe". While this might sound somewhat grand there is no denying that Fremont is a special place to be. Its two most famous landmarks are each impressive works of sculpture. The famous sculpture under the Aurora Bridge of a giant Troll crushing a real Volkswagen Beetle offers a great photo opportunity for visitors. A statue of Vladimir Lenin salvaged from Slovakia after the fall of the Soviet Union also regularly attracts great interest.
  • You can catch a street market selling all kinds of different things every Sunday. This makes a good day to visit as there is a lot of life on the streets. Wander around and have a nice meal, good restaurants are easily found!

The Fremont Neighborhood Insider Tips

  • For music fans: Jack Endino's Reciprocal Recording Studio was once located on Leary Way. This was where Nirvana recorded their early demos and their first album while many other famous Seattle groups also recorded there.

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