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The Galveston Seawall

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Galveston Seawall, Galveston, Texas, Galveston, TX

Activity Overview

Though the Galveston Seawall began construction in 1902 building works and various extensions to the wall lasted until 1963. The work was undertaken to avoid tragedies like the 1900 hurricane in which around 8,000 lives were lost. Today the Seawall runs for ten miles along the Galveston shoreline protecting the island's inhabitants from the waters and storms of the Gulf of Mexico. It makes a lovely place to go for a walk and enjoy the beach and its view of the sea.

Things to Do

  • The Seawall itself is an impressive structure. It covers a third of Galveston's Gulf of Mexico frontage, measures a mighty seventeen feet high and is sixteen feet thick at its base. In the 70's it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has also been named as a National Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers.
  • You can take in the Seawall on a nice leisurely walk with your family. There are placards along the way that explain a little about the history of the Seawall, how it was built and what functions it fulfills. Alternatively if you enjoy exercise the Seawall makes a nice place for a jog or a cycle. Or you could just sit and people watch!
  • Along certain parts of the Seawall are murals which depict underwater life. The majority of these murals were painted by children and add color to the Seawall.

The Galveston Seawall Insider Tips

  • Parking can be found along the Seawall and in downtown Galveston. The fee is a dollar an hour and cars are not permitted to exceed $8. There is a pay by phone app you can use to pay with your smart phone.

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