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The Game of Sardines

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Activity Overview

Enjoy a new twist on the traditional game of hide and seek. The Game of Sardines is certain to leave players giggling up a storm before the game is through. Children and adults alike will not only enjoy looking for the hiding child, but they are certain to find delight in joining them once they find him or her. This game is great for parties and also a fun family game.

How to Play

  1. All players except for one stand together, cover their eyes and count to 20.
  2. When they reach 20, all counters become seekers and set out in search of the hidden player.
  3. Whoever finds the hider, quickly and quietly joins them in their hiding place.
  4. The two hidden players remain there until another seeker finds them, at which point, they also join the hiding in that very same spot.
  5. Eventually all the players except for the last one are squished like sardines in the one hiding spot.
  6. When the very last person discovers the hiding place, the game can be played again. This time the first person to find the hiding place takes the turn of being the hider and so on.

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