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The Golden Driller

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4145 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK
URL: The Golden Driller  Phone: 918-596-2100

Activity Overview

The Golden Driller is a unique structure, one of the tallest statues in the country, constructed in 1953 and located in Tulsa Oklahoma, the statue was declared Oklahoma's official monument in 1979. The golden driller is around 76-foot tall, statue wears a belt with "Tulsa" engraved on it. The golden driller is a robust structure as it can withstand tornadoes, it is made of steel and concrete and weighs nearly 22 tons. The golden driller was constructed in honor of the oil workers in the Tulsa petroleum industry, and was originally part of the 1953 International petroleum exposition. Visitors can view the statue anytime of the year, everyday from Dawn until Dusk, the statue is located at the entrance of the Fairgrounds in Tulsa.

Things to Do

  • Families and children love to view and get photographed with the giant statue, the statue is rather mustard colored than gold, the statue places its one hand on a working oil derrick.
  • The statue wears gloves and a tin helmet, the golden statue has withstand inclement weather over the period of time, it got refurbished in 2011, when it was coated with a new layer of mustard paint.
  • Visitors usually have to stand near the gigantic feet of the Golden driller to view him, the statue is a startling monument for both children and adults.
  • Many events are scheduled in the nearby Tulsa state fairgrounds.

The Golden Driller Insider Tips

  • Plenty of parking is available.

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