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The Little Nature Museum


Activity Overview

The Little Nature Museum was founded by nature lover and teacher Sandy Martin and still invokes interest of the visitors, the museum has moved a lot since its infancy stage, and now is in its final location in Warner, NH. The little nature museum is really a cute little museum that displays interactive nature exhibits, the collections at the museum tend to pique interest of children as well as their parents. The museum is open May through October for visits and tours, closed in the winter season.

Things to Do

  • The Little nature museum is the brain child of nature lover Sandy Martin, who is a Zoologist, with her museum she runs educational programs to educate the youth on nature.
  • Self guided tour of the museum are offered as well as guided with a museum volunteer, there are many many exhibits to see.
  • The museum has collections including fossils, minerals, insects, birds, sea life, mammals and Native Indian artifacts.
  • Children can learn how fossils are formed over time, how pearls are formed and why and how animals hibernate.
  • Enjoy a nature walk on the interpretive Medicine Woods trail behind the museum, you can see native trees, wildlife and more.

The Little nature museum Insider Tips

  • The nature shop sells collectibles, nature gifts and more.
  • The museum is closed on weekdays.

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