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The Luray Zoo

In & Outdoor $
Birthday Parties, School Trip, Educational, Touristy, Special Needs
1087 U.S. 211, Luray, VA
URL: The Luray Zoo  Phone: 540-743-4113

Activity Overview

Established in 1957, the Luray Zoo is a loevly and quaint rescue zoo located in Luray, Virginia. This zoo is a wonderful little stop on your way to the Luray Caverns. Children and adults alike will enjoy the more than 250 animal residents at the zoo. It is a great place to stretch your legs on your trip and get up close and pet some very special animals.

Things to Do

  • Explore and interact with the 250 rescued animals that reside at the Luray Zoo.
  • Get some history on rescue animals and their stories.
  • Visit the petting zoo area and have the opportunity to feed and pet the various animals.
  • Visit animals both indoors and outdoors.

Luray Zoo Insider Tips

  • This perfect little be explored within the period of an hour, so it wouldn't be classified as day trip but more of a nice stop. This is not a commercial zoo, so keep your expectations in check.
  • Dress in proper shoes, as the pathways are dirt and gravel and are known to get a little muddy after rain.
  • Port-o-potties are all that are available, so I would recommend using the bathroom before arriving at the zoo. There are stores, gas stations and restaurants nearby as options if need be.
  • The small zoo experience is much more worthwhile if you take the time to talk with the owner of the zoo or staff members who can give more insight into how the animals came to be rescued. Stories and tidbits shared by the knowledgeable and friendly staff will definitely bolster your zoo experience.
  • Try to visit during one of the "live shows" or feeding time,
  • Don't just a book by it's cover. This destination isn't much to look at from the outside but youwill enjoy a pleasant relaxing experience within.

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