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The Mapparium: Mary Baker Eddy Library

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200 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA
URL: The Mapparium: Mary Baker...  Phone: 617-450-7000

Activity Overview

The Mary Baker Eddy Library is a museum dedicated to the life and writings of Mary Baker Eddy the founder of the Christian Science religion who was also an author and a poet. Aside from a number of exhibits, programs and events the Library is also home to the Mapparium. This exhibit lets visitors step into a three story globe depicting the world as it was when it was built in 1935.

Things to Do

  • The Mapparium exhibit is the main attraction at the Mary Baker Eddy Library for obvious reasons. First of all seeing as it has been around for almost 80 years it is something of an historical exhibit in itself. This really become clear when you see the map which the Mappparium displays which shows the political outlines of the world map as they stood in 1935.
  • Although the original exhibit has never been changed the Library have introduced an exhibition involving lights, music and an explanatory voiceover to show how the world has changed in the many decades since the Mapparium's construction.
  • Aside from the Mapparium there are many exhibits to enjoy at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. The "Journey Home" exhibit tracks the life of the Museums namesake explaining her personal triumphs and tragedies through numerous photos and artifacts.
  • You can also visit the Hall of Ideas, a neo-classical hallway which was built in 1934 to celebrate the great ideas that have bettered mankind and human society through the ages.

The Mapparium: Mary Baker Eddy Library Insider Tips

  • While inside the Mapparium you can have fun with the amplified acoustics. Every sound is super clear so be careful what you whisper, everyone can hear you!
  • There is limited $10 parking available to visitors of the museum. You can validate your parking ticket at the reception of the Library.
  • Lesson plans related to the exhibits on show in the Library and on other topics are available for teachers to view and print off from their website. These are ideally paired with a trip to the Library itself.
  • There is $2 off the Mapparium exhibition for persons with a military or student ID. Children under 5 are free.
  • A list of the many programs and events hosted by the Library are listed online.
  • The building itself is gorgeous. History and architecture buffs should have a read about it before visiting.

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