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The Night Before Your Birthday Book


Night Before My Birthday Book

Want to start a new family tradition? How about reading a bedtime story all about the night before your child's birthday?

 This is the perfect book! Wonderfully illustrated, with a sing song rhythmic rhyme - perfect for a read out loud family tradition!

   This book is unique because it is meant to be read on the night BEFORE your birthday. With all the anticipation and excitement that the evening before the birthday celebration brings, this book takes you and your child on a dream filled adventure of what the next day will bring. 

"If you are excited and you can't sleep, you can try counting your birthday sheep." 
Cloud, Joni's sheep (playful puppet that accompanies her to her book signings), can be found on every page of the book - making for a great 'look and find' for all ages.
At the back of the book, there are Birthday Chronicle pages that create a working 'scrapbook' of memories of who the book was read to, on what birthday night and who read it! 
TIP - This is a wonderful book to give as a gift, the whole family can enjoy it and there are ample pages with room for 25 birthday chronicles.
Our family loves this book and we got to meet the author in person. 
Jodi Rubinstein at a local children's store where she read The Night Before My Birthday Book  to all of the children.
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