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The Old Zoo

Outdoor Free
Walking Tours, Offbeat
Old L.A. Zoo, Griffith Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Activity Overview

In 1912, a zoo opened in Griffith Park. Throughout the years, a new zoo was opened and the zoo in Griffith Park was closed. The site is now called The Old Zoo, with ruins of the zoo's glorious past. A visit to The Old Zoo makes for a unique and interesting trip.

Things to Do

  • Pack lunch for the family and bring them for a picnic. Picnic tables and chairs are set up inside the bear cave enclosures. Having lunch at a place that used to be a bear enclosure is a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • See what's beyond the cages and explore the old enclosures. It might be a little scary for smaller kids but for older kids who crave for adventure, this will be a fun experience.
  • Go down an eerie set of stairs that lead to the backsides of the cages, check the fences, crawl through holes, and climb bars. The distinct character of the abandoned place and the relics also make The Old Zoo a good location for photo shoots.
  • There are plenty of hiking trails surrounding The Old Zoo that offer great views of the city. You can either jog or do an easy trek.
  • During summer, come and watch plays at Shakespeare in the Park for free.
  • Don't miss the chance to ride a historical carousel!

The Old Zoo Insider Tips

  • Parking is free.
  • The place is dog-friendly. Bring your pet for a jog along the trails.
  • The Old Zoo is small and much can be seen in less than an hour if you don't plan to trek. Plan a side-trip to the Griffith Park or to the playground.

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