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The Peabody Museum

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Natural History Museums, Birthday Parties, School Trip, Educational, Historical, Adventurous, Touristy, Special Needs
170 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT
URL: The Peabody Museum  Phone: 203-432-5050

Activity Overview

Venture back into Prehistoric Time to see the fossils of dinosaurs, explore evolution, admire rocks and minerals of all kinds and more at the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven, CT. You will stand in amazement at you observe the fossils of these majestic colossal creatures from millions of years ago in the museum's Great Hall. Every exhibit offers an intriguing host of knowledge of Natural History.

Things to Do

  • Explore the Great Hall which is the most sought after prominent part of the museum where the Dinosaurs are on display.
  • Learn all about the evolution of mammals in the Mammalian Evolution Room
  • Learn about Native American Culture
  • Get hands on learning in the Discovery Room
  • Visit the mummy exhibit about ancient Egyptian life
  • Become enthralled in the Hall of Minerals, Earth and Space
  • Have your picture taken outside with the giant Torosaurus
  • Peruse the Hall of Birds.

Peabody Museum Insider Tips

  • Parking is $3 with the price of museum tickets. You must get your parking ticket validated inside the museum for this discount
  • The old heating system in the building really heats things up inside. I recommend not dressing too warmly.
  • You can find maps and an audio tour at the front desk in the lobby.
  • This museum is pretty stroller friendly if you have a little one.
  • The museum offers free admission on Thursday afternoons from 2-5pm from September through June.
  • Don't forget to look above your head as you enter the building to view the giant squid overhead. You wouldn't want to miss it!
  • There are lots of benches to rest and observe the exhibits. You can also enjoy a snack that you brought with you inside of the museum.

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