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The Rouge Center

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Science Museums, School Trip, Educational, Historical, Touristy, Green
20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI
URL: The Rouge Center  Phone: 313-982-6001

Activity Overview

The Rouge Factory is one of the most world famous automobile factories in existence. Henry Ford was a great visionary who thought that there could be an industrial complex where all facets of the manufacturing could be done at one place while ensuring that employees had better working conditions and better pay.

The Rouge Factory is that place where the assembly line was put to use and is still used today to manufacture Ford automobiles. There is so much to see on the Rouge Factory Tour that will amaze and educate you on Henry Ford's work at making a sustainable green manufacturing plant.

Things to Do

Take the Rouge Factory Tour which is a self guided tour that is broken up into five segments:

  • Learn about the in depth history of the challenges and triumphs of the Rouge Factory by watching a short film in the Legacy Theater. You will get to see rare historic footage in this 13 minute film.
  • You'll enjoy a multi-sensory film in the 360 degree IMAX theater for a lifelike experience detailing how automobiles are made.
  • View the incredible living roof from the 80 foot high observation deck above.
  • From an elevated walkway, take a self guided tour through the actual manufacturing plant and observe the assembly line process in real time from start to finish.
  • Visit the Legacy Gallery where you can hop into an F150 and view the five automobiles manufactured at the Rouge. You can also visit the gift shop in this area.

The Rouge Plant Insider Tips

  • You can spend as much time as you would like viewing the manufacturing plant. Unlike other tours that push you through, you can feel free to watch and enjoy as long as you like.
  • Photography in the theaters and in the truck manufacturing plant are strictly prohibited. Photography is allowed in the Legacy Gallery and on the observation deck, however.
  • Note that there is no concrete time that the plant is actually manufacturing, so you may not see the assembly line in motion but you will still be able to see the assembly line stopped midway through. It is kind of luck of the draw whether it is running or not. This is most likely during shift breaks, lunch breaks, vacation days and weekends.

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