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The Santa Fe Railyard

In & Outdoor Free
Farmer's Markets, Cultural, Historical, Touristy
544 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM
URL: The Santa Fe Railyard  Phone: 505-983-9555

Activity Overview

The Santa Fe Railyard sits at the center of the historic city's history since the late 1800's. Originally constructed in 1880 the Railyard brought new economic prosperity to Santa Fe and for decades after served as a hub of life in the city. After World War II however the importance of rail travel quickly diminished with the rise of highways and airlines.

By the 80's the Railyard was in dis-use and dis-repair. However over the years a city wide initiative to re-build the 50 acre site built steam until it was re-opened again in 2008. Now it is once again the pride of the city and while there are still some trains which pass through it is now more of a center for business and culture with numerous shops, restaurants, theatres and galleries finding their home in the re-purposed railyard.

Things to Do

  • Almost every day or night of the week there is something special happening at the Railyard. The various businesses work hard to set up events which are fun and interesting for visitors. So for example every Wednesday evening you can expect to find a karaoke night along with a open jam night.
  • The weekends meanwhile see artisanal fairs and farmers markets. Live music is a regular occurrence throughout the week. To help you keep up with all these goings-on be sure to keep an eye on the Railyard's calendar of events.

The Santa Fe Railyard Insider Tips

  • For parking your best chance is to head for the North Railyard. Here you will find almost 1,000 spaces spread across three levels of an underground lot and a surface area.

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