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The Star Spangled Banner Flag House

Indoor $
Historic Sites, School Trip, Educational, Historical, Touristy
844 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD
URL: The Star Spangled Banner Flag...  Phone: 410-837-1793

Activity Overview

The Star Spangled Banner House offers a short and informative tour of the house and home where the Star Spangled Flag from the War of 1812 that flew over Fort McHenry was hand sewn. There are very few artifacts to see but the home and furnishings are very period in nature and the house is a quaint little treasure to explore.

There is a cute area for children which includes dress up clothing for that time period, interactive toys, flag coloring activities and musical instruments. The tour guides were very engaging and geared the tour to fit the tourists.

Things to Do

  • This is just a quick historical tour to look at period furnishings, read historic plaques of information, view the flag and learn about its history.
  • There is a small and relevant gift shop on site
  • A very short video presentation is available for viewing

The Star Spangled Banner Flag House Insider Tips

  • The Museum is closed on Mondays
  • This is more of a stop in destination. The tour wouldn't last more than an hour so I wouldn't plan your whole day around this stop. But it is informative and interesting just the same.
  • You may even have the place to yourself. This is not usually a very crowded tourist destination.
  • Don't forget to take a walk through the rose garden on the property.
  • I would recommend coupling this destination with a historical trip for Fort McHenry to see wherethe flag was actually flown.

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