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The Stupefying Safety Pin Trick

Activity Overview

Perform The Stupefying Safety Pin Trick Illusion and astound your audience by moving a closed safety pin along the hem of a traditional handkerchief without unfastening the pin. You will hear a ripping sound which is what you would expect to hear but the handkerchief is completely intact at the conclusion of this exciting trick.

I recommend that you try this trick multiple times before performing this in front of an audience. You should be able to get the hang of this trick very quickly.

here are a couple of points to remember to successfully perform this illusion. First, it is very important that the solid bar of the safety pin is facing toward the left. Secondly, at the conclusion of the trick you must quickly give the pin a quick push in so that the pin can repenetrate the the handkerchief after it has traveled. You see when you pull the pin to the right, the pin slightly disengages and allows the pin tip to travel along the length of the hem.

Materials Needed

  • Handkerchief
  • A large Safety Pin

How to Do It

  1. Have a volunteer hold handkerchief up in front of him or her.
  2. Fasten a large safety pin into the hem so that the solid side bar of the pin is facing to your left.
  3. Grip the end of the safety pin a sudden and sharp pull about 8 inches to the right and then push in. The pin remain fastened and will end up at the other end while the handkerchief will remain intact.

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