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The Taming of the Straw

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Activity Overview

Magic and science are quite often intertwined. This is evident in the Taming of the Straw experiment. This is an easy experiment for kids to perform using objects readily available at home and focuses on the properties of friction and static electricity. This is a fun one to act out for others because although this is truly science, the person who performs the experiment will appear to be exerting magical forces on the straw to make it move. Have fun this quick trick and use some magic spells vocabulary to really draw in your audience.

Materials Needed

  • A plastic drinking straw
  • A full bottle of liquid
  • A shirt or clothing that you are wearing

How To Do It

  1. Take your drinking straw and rub it vigorously with the bottom rim of your t shirt.
  2. Place the plastic drinking straw on top of the cap of the bottle of liquid.
  3. Without touching the straw, place your index finger about an inch from the straw and you should be able to guide the straw around and around at your will.
  4. If you are not successful, try the rubbing technique again and repeat the steps listed above.

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