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The Varsity

In & Outdoor $
Historical, Touristy
61 North Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, GA
URL: The Varsity  Phone: 404-881-1706

Activity Overview

The Varsity claims to be the world's largest drive-in restaurant and has been in business since the late 1920's. To prove its ongoing popularity with the people of Atlanta it has a total of eight locations in the greater metropolitan area and in neighboring Athens. Each one of these locations is a local institution that has been serving up delicious full beef hot dogs and mouth-watering burgers for years.

Things to Do

  • The main event at The Varsity is of course the food. All manner of dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, desserts and shakes can be had at what are quite reasonable prices.
  • The Varsity is known for superior quality fast food and once you get your food you can still chow down in your car! You can download the menu for each location online here.
  • Have you ever wanted delicious drive-thru burgers in your own home or at a party. Well then you should check out the Varsity's catering service for whatever it is you are planning, you shouldn't be disappointed!

The Varsity Insider Tips

  • It is always important to take pre-cautions if you or someone in your group has a food allergy. To help you prepare The Varsity have put a lot of useful information about allergies and their food on their website. This includes their recommendations of dishes that are suitable to sufferers of different allergies.
  • The Varsity recommend on brushing up on your drive-thru lingo before making a visit so that you don't find yourself stalling when you get asked for your order. Check out the essentials here.

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