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The Very Best Family Game Ever

In & Outdoor Free
Party Games, Relationship Building

Activity Overview

Families are so scheduled these days that they need to make more time to laugh and connect with one another. The Very Best Family Game Ever is the kind of game which will have people conspiring, getting active and laughing endlessly. This game is adaptable and ever changing so it never ever gets boring no matter how many times that you play it.

Materials Needed

Depends on the family and the choices of topics. See examples below

Some suggestions might be bubble gum, balls, hula hoops, a tongue depressor for balancing, the possibilities are endless. Basically things that you have around the house. Use your creativity after you view the idea of the game below.

How It Is Played

  1. Choose a host
  2. If you have a large family or group, split up into groups. If you have a smaller family or group, work as individuals.
  3. The host will announce a topic ( The Fastest). Then each person in the group or individuals decide who will be the most ideal winner from their team to participate in that category event.
  4. Once every group has made their selection, the host will announce the activity which is to be completed. And the selected members either get measured or compete to find out the winner. examples:
    • The Longest.....Toe
    • The Fastest......shoe to tie shoes
    • The Biggest......bubble gum bubble
    • The Shortest......fingernails
    • The Highest......note singer
    • The Best At.......hula hooping
    • The most.....marshmallows to fit in their mouth

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