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Things I Love Journals

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Activity Overview

Repurpose and old book or notebook and create interest journals about things that you love or want to learn more about. Children of all ages can get started with this work in progress project. The journal that you create will grow and develop just as you do.

Maybe you have a hobby, a favorite animal, a love for gardens, admiration for a historical figure or a place that you would love to visit someday. Making a Things I Love journal can encourage the love of learning and peak your interest for learning more and focusing on particular interest.

Simply follow the steps below to repurpose and old book and make it your own and add bits and pieces page by page to your journal. Draw your own pictures, jot down facts and interesting tidbits of information as you happen upon them, add photographs, or slip souvenirs that you find into the envelopes that you glued in the pages.

Materials Needed

  • An old bound book that is no longer purposeful or spiral notebook
  • Paper, plain or colored copy paper
  • Glue stick
  • Envelopes
  • Magazines and more
  • Markers

How to Make It

  1. Take a bound hardcover book that you no longer want or use.
  2. Use your glue stick and paper to glue paper over the cover of the book to make it your own. Trim the paper to fit the surfaces.
  3. Glue some paper to some of the pages inside so that you have some blank pages for future drawings.
  4. Glue an occasional envelope onto some book pages as well. They will be great to slip special items into for safe keeping.
  5. Think of a topic or subject of interest to you. This can be an animal, a hobby, a place you'd like to visit, or a famous or historical person.
  6. Decorate your book cover any way that you would like.
  7. This book will be a work in progress. You have just prepped your repurposed book for use. Now, add drawings, magazine clippings, photographs, interest facts, plans, maps, etc to your book as time goes along.
  8. Before long, you will have a book full of tidbits, facts, observations, and pictures about the topic that you love.

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