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Thoroughbred Park

Outdoor Free
Public Gardens, Green
Thoroughbred Park, Lexington, KY
URL: Thoroughbred Park  Phone: 859-233-7299

Activity Overview

Thoroughbred Park celebrates the role of Lexington in the equine industry. This city is known for Thoroughbred breeding. These are horses used mainly for racing due to their speed and agility. The 2.5-acre park is divided into five sections and has life-sized horse sculptures and plaques commemorating pioneers in the industry.

Things to Do

  • See the horse sculptures up close. These beautiful, life-sized installations were created by artist Gwen Reardon. There are a total of 13 sculptures in the park. You'll see 7 sculptures of horses and jockeys racing towards the finish line. This area also has a nice fountain background.
  • Bring food and go on a picnic with the family. You may also bring a frisbee or a play football with the kids. There's a small coffee place near the parking. Grab some treats before strolling in the park.
  • Learn more about the people who contributed and who made a difference in the Thoroughbred industry. You'll find the plaques at the Knoll area.
  • Walk around the Meadow area and find more horse sculptures seemingly grazing on the grass. There are also several shaded areas where you can sit to admire the view and the sculptures.

Thoroughbred Park Insider Tips

  • The park is small and can be visited in less than an hour. Combine the park visit with a tour of downtown Lexington.
  • Parking can be a bit difficult during summer days.

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