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Three Lakes Nature Center

In & Outdoor Free
Dog Parks, Bird Watching, Hiking Trails, Lake, Arboretums, School Trip, Healthy/Active, Educational, Touristy, Volunteer/Charity, Green
400 Sausiluta Drive, Richmond, VA
URL: Three Lakes Nature Center  Phone: 804-262-5055

Activity Overview

With all kinds of educational aids from live exhibits to tours and dioramas the Three Lakes Nature Center makes the perfect place to learn about the beautiful nature which can be seen in the state of Virgnia. The Center itself is a 6,500 sq. ft. facility with information on many aspects of Virginia's eco-system and resident wildlife. It is also home to a 50,000 gallon aquarium which allows visitors to gain an insight into life in Virginia's waters. Admission to the Center is free though they do sometimes charge an entrance to special events.

Things to Do

  • There are a number of walking trails that start at the Center and wind around the Park's acreage. Put on a good pair of walking shoes and get exploring! It's good exercise, it puts you back in touch with nature and you can stop for a tasty picnic mid-way if the weather is good enough!
  • If your kids have an interest in dinosaurs this is the place to bring them. Apart from a grand array of various mammal fossils the Center is also home to the remains of dinosaurs which once roamed the surrounding countryside many millions of years ago.
  • Though the Center's exhibits and displays definitely appeal to adults they also make a great effort to engage children too. The info is readily understandable and the organizers back up what is on offer here with educational programs and classes that run throughout the year.

Three Lakes Nature Center Insider Tips

  • The Center is closed on Mondays throughout the year and during the colder months it is often closed on various other days during the week so check out the opening times before you visit to avoid making a wasted trip.

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