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Time Warp Rooms

Activity Overview

Time Warp Rooms are a fun and interactive way of problem solving and building team spirit and support, the escape room takes you back in time and you make your way out by solving puzzles and finding out hidden clues. Time Warp escape rooms are located in Peabody, MA and are rated as number one escape rooms in the Boston area. If you and your family wants to do something different and quirky, and enjoy mind games and a fun environment then visit Time Warp Rooms in Peabody, escape in time or get stuck forever.

Things to Do

  • Do you enjoy watching time travel movies? Time Warp escape rooms take you back into the time and you have to get back to present by solving clues.
  • You are locked in the escape room for 60 minutes, three options to choose from—go back to 1920s, 1960s and 1980s.
  • You can book your tickets online, visit with your family and friends and have fun.
  • The rooms are challenging and not many groups make it out in time, you get 60 minutes to find all the clues to be able to start the time machine and be back in present.
  • Escape rooms are fun, challenging and appropriate for kids of all ages.

Time Warp Rooms Insider Tips

  • You can book rooms for birthday parties.

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