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Tinkertown Museum

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Art Museum, Children's Museums, Cultural, Touristy
121 Sandia Crest Road, Sandia Park, NM
URL: Tinkertown Museum  Phone: 505-281-5233

Activity Overview

A folk-art museum showcasing an impressive collection of miniatures created by Ross Ward in a career spanning over four decades, the Tinkertown Museum is a magic place that will mesmerize the entire family. Featuring 22 rooms, the museum is home to a three ring miniature circus and a 1880's miniature animated western town, among many other exhibits.

The walls of the museum are truly spectacular, as they include more than 50,000 glass bottles and other recycled materials. Most of the miniatures in the museum are created by Ross Ward, a props and art creator for a circus who dedicated all his life to crafting. The museum continues to add new art works even after the passing of its creator.

Things to Do

  • The eclectic collection of the museum includes a mix of Old West memorabilia, dioramas, dolls, circus paraphernalia humorous signs, circus dioramas, as well as a yacht that travelled all around the world.
  • Explore the details in the dioramas scenes carefully, as they are often surprising and hilarious.

Tinkertown Museum Insider Tips

  • The Tinkertown Museum may be a bit difficult to find, but there is a billboard sign available on the state highway when you go east from Albuquerque. The museum is 20 minutes away from Albuquerque.
  • The gift shop of the Tinkertown Museum has some special grab bags for children, which include jeweled toe rings and mood rings.
  • The museum is open from April 1 to November 1.

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