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Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition

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History Museums, School Trip, Educational, Touristy
3900 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV
URL: Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition...  Phone: 702-262-4400

Activity Overview

Titanic The Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor in Las Vegas is an amazing way to get closer to the tragedy of the sinking of the famous ship. With a mixture of artifacts taken directly from the wreck of the Titanic and replicas of parts of the in their original glory the glitz and glamour of the voyage along with the tragedy of that fateful night all come to life. Some parts may be familiar from James Cameron's 1997 film though if that is all you know of the Titanic then it is high time you made a visit to this exhibit.

Things to Do

  • Amongst the many artifacts on display is a piece of the ship's original hull. Simply dubbed The Big Piece it weighs 15 tons and measures more than 26 feet long. As one would expect with an historic artifact this large it took great effort to transport it and insert it in the exhibit and is an amazing sight to see.
  • More personal artifacts can be found trhoughout the exhibit. These include belongings of the passengers who lost their lives on the voyage like playing cards, china sets and silverware, post cards, ship tools and money. You can also hear the stories of the unlucky passengers as their stories are brought to life with eye witness remembrances.
  • Many of the replicas based on the original boat's design perhaps do more than any of the other displays to make the ship a reality. You can walk along the ship's deck on a starry night or touch an iceberg made especially for the exhibition. Most touching of all is the replica of the Grand Staircase, particularly well known from scenes in the movie "Titanic".

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