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Topanga Canyon

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Topanga Canyon, CA, Topanga, CA

Activity Overview

Topanga Canyon is a large state park/conservancy land located just off highway 101, around 21 minutes from Calabasas, California. It is the home of Topanga State Park, the largest park located in the Santa Monica Mountains and bordered by other state parks, with easy proximity to the Pacific Coast Highway. It is also conveniently located within an hour drive from downtown LA, a perfect spot to see nature and relax away from the bustling big city.

Things to Do

  • Go camping - want to see real stars? Sleep under them!
  • Hike in one of the nature trails available - there are over 60 trail park entrances dotted throughout the park, so you can go back again and again to experience hiking through all of the available trails.
  • Go horseback riding - several companies offer horseback riding tours, like Los Angeles Horseback Riding.
  • Drive through the Topanga Canyon Boulevard - this road is very scenic and intersects with the Pacific Coast Highway. There are plenty of twists and turns in this boulevard, so take extra care! There's not a a lot of places where you can stop and snap a photo (as there are numerous cars around).
  • Hike up Eagle Rock and look for caves dotted throughout the park.
  • See the animals as they roam about their natural habitat. You're free to take photos, but don't feed or touch them! They are wild and you don't want to mess with nature!
  • Take lots and lots of photos - the scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and it will make you want to create a mini photo shoot with your family and the landscape!

Topanga Canyon Insider Tips

  • Dogs may not be allowed in certain trails in the state park. Please note in advance which trails you can go with your furry buddy.

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