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1030 Memorial Brook Boulevard, Houston, TX
URL: Topgolf  Phone: 281-406-3176

Activity Overview

Topgolf is a unique way to play golf. Gone are the days of stuffy country clubs and kid-free zones! Topgolf is an expansive complex where golf meets darts as players try to hit their balls into the targets. Accuracy is rewarded with points and thanks to microchips in the balls, you'll know exactly where they've landed.

You don't need to be an expert golf player to take part and Topgolf boasts that more than half their customers have never even picked up a club! That said, there's far more than just that at Topgolf.

Things to Do

  • Play Topgolf! A fun and unique take on the age-old pastime where hitting the target is far more fun than working on your long game and looking for your ball in the rough!
  • You'd be surprised at how much of an appetite you build up while topgolfing! Take a seat and enjoy the freshly-prepared food on site. Whether you'd like burgers, nachos, or "mushi" (Mexican sushi), most tastes are catered for.
  • Done with topgolf? Enjoy a few games of pool, shuffleboard, video games, or giant Jenga, all while enjoying a refreshing beverage in one of the many indoor rooms in the complex.

Topgolf Insider Tips

  • Wanting to Topgolf on a budget? The bays are half the price if you're there before noon! This is also the quiet period so you are much more likely to get a bay immediately.
  • Avoid weekend evenings if possible! Friday and Saturday nights are notoriously busy and there can be very long waits for a bay to become free.
  • Sign the kids up for the Kidzone. If you have children under 12 who love Topgolf, you can sign them up to Kidzone club, ensuring that you'll be in the loop when it comes to family-friendly activities at Top Golf!

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