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Touching Poem for Parents of Special Needs Children...


I've recently been touched by some parents reaching out for support as they raise their special needs children.  As a former special needs teacher, I have a special place in my heart for those children that struggle just to find their place in our world.

The poem, Welcome to Holland, was shared with me by a college professor in 1992. It was given to me with a special promise to share it with anyone I may know that needs some extra support in regards to their special needs child.  I am sharing it now as I think it may help many families in our community.

Emily Perl Kinsley's poem is one that has helped countless families cope with the twists and turns of raising a child with special needs.  I have included the poem for you to all enjoy.  And in turn, I welcome you to share with a another family in need.

May all of you take the time today to hug your little ones or (big ones) and tell them how special they are.  Every child needs to know they are safe, loved, smart and capable people.

Lynn W.
From God You in the heavenly trenches know what no poem can convey, and I was praying that this poem came outing the printer, It touches deep and soulfullllll, and shows a glimpse of the mind and a blast of power at the very base of a long life of dedication and with the true meaning of unconditional LOVE> I have witnessed the joy tha disabled humans of every age experience (as well as the daily downs),ands wish only that everyone on the planet could give an extra smile and prayer to those in HOLLAND. Excellent example Emily..Blessings and thank you LYNN
Terre B.
Beautiful. I'm a para-educator in a special needs classroom and I love it here in "Holland'. It's sad that more people don't take the time to stop and smell the "tulips".
Kristen H.
I love that poem, I remember reading it when I first started as a special ed teacher. As a teacher and a stepmom to a child with Down syndrome, I really appreciate you sharing it with everyone!
Although I've read this before, it made me cry to read it this morning. The problem is, I'm not really the one who has to read it--the difficulty is getting everyone else who doesn't understand our experience to read it. That has always been the hard part. Anyway, thank you for posting this.
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