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Activity Overview

Visit Trapology when you're in Boston to exercise your brain power. The only mission is to get out of your chosen escape room within 60 minutes. Trapology's rooms have clever plots, creative clues, and challenging puzzles - making it one of the best not-your-usual weekend activity in the area.

Things to Do

  • Put your thinking hats on and book your time at any of Trapology's escape rooms: Drunk Tank or The Hustler. Drunk Tank features a group of adults sent to jail after a fun night out. The Hustler is about a bunch of happy-go-lucky players who ended up double crossing the gambling ring. Each room is challenging in its own right - with a 20% success rate. Will you be joining the few who got out in time?
  • If you're coming as a group of 10, book your tickets ahead of time online. Maximum number of people per room is 10. They hold team building activities here too.
  • Come in early for the briefing, do a little stretching (both rooms require mild physical activity), and have fun!

Trapology Insider Tips

  • If you insist on bringing your child (17 or below) with you, you will be asked to pay for the entire room.
  • Adults ages 18 and above can play. Teens from ages 14-17 years old can play with an adult supervision.

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