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Travis Park

Outdoor Free
Public Gardens, Dog Parks, Green
301 E Travis St, San Antonio, TX
URL: Travis Park  Phone: 210-207-3677

Activity Overview

Travis Park is one of the oldest public squares in the country, owned by the city from 1870. At its center is monument to the Confederate soldiers of the Civil War, a great site to see. Located conveniently in Downtown San Antonio, this park hosts a variety of events and other fun activities, all within a block or two and easy walking distance from big hotels and other establishments that surround the area.

Things to Do

  1. Eat - Various food trucks are parked from 11AM-2PM (just in time for lunch or a late breakfast) - time to eat your way through the various cuisines around the world.
  2. Join Fitness at the Park - Mostly for the grown ups, but mom and dad can go and nip off for an hour at lunchtime to get Circuit training lessons.
  3. Movies by the Moonlight - Always wanted to watch a movie outside? Now the whole family can! Kid-friendly movies are shown every Tuesday evening during summer.
  4. Stroll around - Aside from events, everyone is invited to stroll around the park: relax & breathe the fresh air: it's free!
  5. See the pet market - Only available on certain days, your family can bond and maybe adopt a pet for good!
  6. Attend the Jazz's Alive event - A free two day jazz festival where musicians perform Jazz tunes from noon until 6PM. It only happens once a year though!

Travis Park Insider Tips

  • Parking may be a bit of a problem as the park is downtown. Best to leave the car in a spot close to downtown if you find a space and just walk in the park.

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