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Trusty Emergency Information Sheet

I recently had a very scary emergency and needed to think on my feet! Thankfully, I have created this sheet a long time ago.  So worth the time to do this.

Creating an Emergency Information Sheet is a valuable item to have in your home. 

You never know when you may need some important phone numbers in a flash.

Make One For Your Home

We have created a heavy-duty laminated list that I stuck magnetic adhesive strips to the back to keep on the refrigerator for all to see.  We have the following listed:

  • Poison Control Number 1-800-222-1222
  • Emergency 911
  • Home Phone Number
  • Home Address
  • Cell Phone Numbers
  • Parent's Work Address and Number
  • Neighbors Name and Number ( has been so valuable to have this on there!)
  • Other Family Member's Name and Number
  • Police Dept.#
  • Fire Dept.#
  • Hospital#
  • Health Insurance Company - Policy and group number
  • Pediatricians Name, Number and Address
  • Dentist Name, Numbers and Address

Hope this list is a helpful framework for yours! Let us know what you have on yours!

Janet C.
This can be expanded to credit card numbers and phone numbers for each credit card, where is your will, your attorney's name address and phone number, and there's a lot more information to be considered. Family member should hold all this information also. Mom and dad when you're in your retirement years - if you have son and daughter that you can really trust - I suggest signing over your home and bank accounts. if you do not have long term care insurance. need five years in their name before anything should happen to you and you require long term care under Medicaid. its at that time you have asked if they will go to the state.
Dianna F.
Thanks! Love all helpful tips :0)
Very good tip, and oh, so important! Thanks for sharing.
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