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Tunica Queen Riverboat

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Boating, Sailing, Historical, Touristy
Tunica Queen Riverboat, Robinsonville, MS
URL: Tunica Queen Riverboat  Phone: 662-363-7622

Activity Overview

The Tunica Queen Riverboat is a sightseeing and dinner boat cruise styled after the historic boats that used to ply down the Mississippi River. It sails on weekends (Friday-Sunday) from Robinsonville, Mississippi, about a 45 minute drive from Memphis, Tennessee.

Things to Do

  • Do a sightseeing cruise - the tour takes 1 1/2 hours through the river, while history is being provided by the staff on board. Food and drinks can be bought on board (for a fee), and music is not live as compared to the dinner cruise.
  • Take the dinner cruise - the dinner and the cruise take 2 hours, and leaves the dock at 7pm. If you want to catch the sunset, best to do so during early April, when the sun tends to be out longer. Best if you can go during summer although it can get really hot in Mississippi at this time.
  • There is live music on board and the menu is pretty much fixed so if you have a specific diet, best to consult their website for more information.
  • Charter the boat for a group event - a family reunion? Check.

Tunica Queen Riverboat Insider Tips

  • Sit at the top deck of the boat for the best views, however the heat can get pretty overbearing and you may need to relocate to the bottom deck for some shade.
  • Without much room to explore, kids may get a bit antsy on a boat so try to find ways to keep them preoccupied with either history or a mini game to keep their attention.
  • The boat would try to sell you photos on the board - but you shouldn't feel obliged to get them!

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