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Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

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Turkey Mountain Park, Tulsa, OK

Activity Overview

Turkey Mountain is found within 7 miles South from downtown Tulsa yet feels so far away. It's a 300 hectare undeveloped property that's operated by the Tulsa Parks Authority and is an excellent place to enjoy nature. Why is the park called Turkey Mountain? Well, apparently because there are wild turkeys in the area, which you may see on your trip!

Things to Do

  • Hike - Challenging trails, 28 miles long, so do not attempt to do all of them at once. Pace yourself, especially during the warm summer months. These are not your paved trails, so only attempt if you are experienced.
  • Bike - The trails in the area are suitable for mountain biking, but this isn't for beginners. These are rugged trails that are quite challenging so bring a bike that's suitable for this sort of terrain.
  • Picnic - Near the entrance, you'll find some pavilions which you can use to eat your picnics in. Wanting to take a break from the trails or even from the bustle of the city life? Head on here.
  • Climb Rocks - Technically not rock climbing, you can clamber over some rocks that dot the park. Perfect for a kid who wants to climb things in a natural setting.
  • Wildlife Viewing - While not guaranteed that you'll see wildlife, you may see them if you're lucky. Hopefully you'll catch a glimpse (or even get a photo) of that elusive wild turkey!

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area Insider Tips

  • Has parking lots and facilities available in the area (only found at the entrance of the park), but no concessions. You my want to bring your own food and drink to eat especially for a day of hiking or riding the trails.

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