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University of Arizona Mineral Museum


Activity Overview

University of Arizona Mineral Museum in Tucson, Arizona displays minerals and meteorites, the mineral collection is mainly based out of Arizona and Mexico, the meteorites on display are from different parts of the world. The new exhibit American mineral heritage displays rare minerals and precious stones from the Harvard collection. Visitors can also visit the planetarium in the science center and see the laser show. The museum has over 35,000 specimens on display, the minerals on display include silver, copper, gold, gemstones, meteorites, and over 2,000 fossil specimens. The museum is open to tours Monday through Sunday.

Things to Do

  • The latest exhibit "American mineral heritage" at the museum displays world famous natural gold specimens, and some rare minerals, fluorescent minerals and stones.
  • See meteorites on display collected from different parts of the world, as well as gold, silver, copper, and rare gemstones.
  • Children and adults both would love the puzzles, proofs and patterns exhibit; it has interesting puzzles and games to solve, and tools to create shapes and patterns.
  • Fossil corner exhibit showcases fossils of animals from dinosaurs, bears to sea life and more. You can learn how fossils are formed.
  • See fossils of Arizona's first inhabitants the "trilobites" that lived in the warm seas thousands of years ago.

University of Arizona Mineral Museum Insider Tips

  • Free admission for children in the ages 4 and under.

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