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U.S. Naval War College Museum

Indoor Free
History Museums, Educational, Cultural, Historical, Special Needs
Naval War College Museum, Cushing Road, , U.S, Newport, RI
URL: U.S. Naval War College Museum...  Phone: 401-841-4052

Activity Overview

Military and history enthusiasts will enjoy the U.S. Naval War College Museum, a National Historic Landmark, which, through its short and long-term exhibits, tracks the importance of our naval heritage going back to colonial days.

The history of naval warfare in our country can be explored from the first days of permanent naval installations in the late nineteenth century through present times, with a particular emphasis on the Navy's presence in the surrounding Narraganset Bay area.

Things to Do

  • Learn about torpedo development and testing, and the history of technology in the navy.
  • Admire the models of many famous navy capital ships.
  • From a kiosk in the museum, access the Navy's 20th Century Ships History Database.
  • Save questions for the Museum Director and staff, who are on hand to offer additional information on regional naval history and the museum's exhibits.

U.S. Naval War College Museum Insider Tips

  • Because it is situated on a U.S. Navy Base, the vetting process for civilians to access the museum can take up to 5 days.
  • Those hoping to visit on a weekend must fax or email their personal information to the Pass and Identification Office before Thursday at noon.
  • Visitors accompanied by an individual with U.S. military identification do not need advance reservations.
  • Non-citizens of the U.S. require 14 days advance notice before entering the naval base.
  • Photo identification, proof of vehicle insurance, and proof of vehicle registration is required before one may access the base.

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