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1089 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH
URL: USS Cod  Phone: 216-566-8770

Activity Overview

The USS Cod is a heavily decorated Gato-class submarine which saw combat in World War II. During the war it successfully completed all of its missions and in doing so sank twelve vessels which totaled at more than 37,000 tons. It was awarded seven battle stars for its service. Now its fighting days are long behind the Cod and it can be visited by the public in Cleveland, Ohio where it is permanently moored. The USS Cod has been a tourist attraction since 1976 and in 1986 it was declared a National Historic Landmark.

Things to Do

  • From May till September you can visit the USS Cod to see first-hand what it was like to live and fight in a submarine during World War II. It was in Cleveland that the Cod's four massive engine motors were built by General Motors and it stands today as one of the finest military submarines on display.
  • Climb the ladders and pass through the hatches that navy men once did on long missions in enemy territory.
  • See the old equipment they once used and listen to passionate docents who recount the realities of war life in a submarine.

USS Cod Insider Tips

  • If you want to get a real idea of what it is like to step aboard the USS Cod then you can take a virtual tour of the submarine before stepping aboard. To see what it looks like from the outside check out this aerial shot of the Cod moored up in Cleveland.
  • There is free parking on site.

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