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USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides")

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History Museums, School Trip, Educational, Historical, Touristy
1 Constitution Rd, , MA
URL: USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides")...  Phone: 617-426-1812

Activity Overview

Old Ironsides is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. A tour of this 200-year-old ship may give your little landlubber a chance to get his sea legs.

Experience 19th-century sleeping quarters at sea when your guided tour takes you to the previously-unavailable Berth Deck.

Things to See & Do

  • The full 40-minute guided tour includes climbing up and down stairs and ladders and is better suited for school-aged kids and teens. It's not recommended for little children or people with disabilities.
  • From 4:00pm - 6:00pm, conduct self-guided tours of USS Constitution's top deck, where you'll get a spectacular view of the harbor atop this beautiful sailing vessel and the chance to meet a real U.S. Navy Sailor.
  • Visit the USS Consitution Museum after your tour. The USS Constitution Museum is just steps from the ship and houses over 3000 original artifacts, as well as artwork and opportunities for hands-on activities (toddlers can turn the wheel of a ship).
  • A family playground is located just a few yards away from the Massachusetts Korean War Memorial. The Museum is also in close proximity to the Paul Revere Park.
  • Bunker Hill Monument is also just a few blocks away and worth the trek and climb to the top if you are up for the challenge. Admission is free and it is open daily.

USS Constitution Insider Tips

  • It's a good idea to arrive at least a half-hour early to allow time to get through security, which is required for all visitors. Please read the screening procedures to assist in the process.
  • The USS Constitution staff recommends the 'Speed Line' for their littlest visitors. No strollers are allowed on deck, as they tend to roll with the waves.
  • There is no parking on Pier One. All parking lots & locations are within five to ten minutes walking distance of Pier One.

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