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UTA Planetarium

Indoor $
Science Museums, Children's Museums, Birthday Parties, School Trip, Educational
700 Planetarium Place, Arlington, TX
URL: UTA Planetarium  Phone: 817-272-1183

Activity Overview

The Planetarium at the University of Texas at Arlington campus is neatly located right inside the Science Department. Head through the double-doors and enjoy some exhibits in the lobby before you head inside for your show. Whether you're there with children ready to learn about the Solar System or simply checking out the Pink Floyd laser show, the UTA Planetarium has something for everyone.

Large groups, birthday parties, and field trips welcome! Groups of 15 or more require a reservation, but you will receive the discounted children's price for all attendees. All field trips must submit at Field Trip Scheduler Form in order to attend a show at the Planetarium.

Things to Do

  • Programs change daily at the Planetarium. Visit their website to check the "Now Playing" schedule and pick out a show that everyone can agree on.
  • Dynamic Earth: Learn about what powers the Earth and our weather through satellite images and simulations
  • Spacepark 360: Infinity: It's like visiting an amusement park in space! From far away galaxies to a ride on the sun, enjoy a rollercoaster ride, an inverter ride, and many more
  • Pink Floyd Laser Light Show: The iconic Dark Side of the Moon album is paired with a fantastic light and laser show every Saturday night
  • Secret of the Cardboard Rocket: Child show! Take an adventure through the Solar System with your friends on a cardboard rocketship and learn about the sun, the planets, and everything else that makes up the Milky Way
  • Field Trips: Different student packages are available from the UTA Science Department depending on which type of class is attending; Choose from eclipse lessons, to chemistry experiments, to tours of the college campus; Reservations required, so please book through the website's Field Trip Scheduler.

UTA Planetarium Insider Tips

  • Advanced ticket sales are not available. Tickets are only available 30 minutes before the show from the ticket booth in the lobby. Expect crowds on Saturdays, so arrive 30-45 minutes before your show in order to get tickets and a good seat.
  • Bring your pennies! While you wait outside the auditorium for your show, there are some amazing physics experiments in the lobby area. Slide your coins through and see how fast it takes each one to reach the center.

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