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Venetian Pool

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2701 De Soto Blvd, Coral Gables, FL
URL: Venetian Pool  Phone: 305-460-5306

Activity Overview

The Venetian Pool is a public swimming pool located in Coral Gables, Florida. It features Palm trees surround the Venetian Pool and the roaring waterfall. It has a very nice surrounding not much with a commercial set up. There’s not a building in sight. This remains the most beautiful and exclusive public pool in the country. There are caves and waterfalls, an open swimming area and a sandy area for staying dry.

Things to Do

The Venetian Pool is very popular during summer camp trips and is one of the favorite among youngsters as well as for kids to arrange their birthday parties and special Saturdays get together, with the facilities of providing food and drinks.

There’s also an area specified for the kids, connected to the main pool and stone bridge to keep beginners swimmers safe and away from the deep areas of water. In summers the pool is refilled on daily basis to keep it fresh and cool. There are no chemicals in water ever.

Explore the caves at the far end of the pool. There are underwater ledges to sit on and your voice(s) will echo against the walls.

The Venetian Pool has a beautiful historic setting. Beautiful water falls, caves, enhanced the beauty of the pool. It has variety of areas to explore around the pool. This would definitely be a great and relaxing experience to go and a refreshing way to spend your day. It has classic surroundings, a small café for a limited lunch. Overall this is the lovely place to spend hot days.

The Venetian Pool Insider Tips

  • Bring kids with yourself. This is the perfect place to enjoy your sunny days with friends and family.
  • Don’t forget to see the dark caves and waterfalls that are located on the far side of the pool.
  • Lockers are also available to safe your wallets etc just for the sake of peace of your mind.
  • There are over zealous life guards watching every step you take. They have quite a vigilant eye on everybody.

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