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Viet Museum


Activity Overview

San Jose is known as the area with the most number of Vietnamese living outside Vietnam. An hour spent at The Museum of the Boat People and the Republic of Vietnam or more commonly known as the Viet Museum is an hour well-spent on looking back at the history of Vietnamese Americans and the plight of the Republic of Vietnam. The museum is located in the The Greenawalt House, an equally historical house built in 1877. The artifacts displayed in the museum were first collected by Loc Vu, the museum founder.

Things to Do

  • Explore the first period exhibit depicting the short-lived Republic of Vietnam and the war that ensued between the two opposing cities.
  • Learn about the struggle and the history of how Vietnamese people who were escaping the war in their country boarded boats and sailed the seas to find a place of refuge.
  • Discover what has become of Vietnamese Americans today and how they are continuing to help shape the future San Jose.
  • If you would like to learn more about the history of Vietnamese Americans, check out the books and references for sale.

Viet Museum Insider Tips

  • Visit all the other museums located in History Park such as the Portuguese Historical Museum, Ng Shing Gung (Chinese- American History), and Hellenic House. Other museums do not have a regular schedule but the Viet Museum is open with volunteer staff running the place.

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