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Virginia Aviation Museum

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5701 Huntsman Road, Richmond, VA
URL: Virginia Aviation Museum  Phone: 804-236-3622

Activity Overview

The Virginia Aviation Museum is a cheap and informative place to visit. Its exhibit rooms are home to almost 40 individual aircraft which span the entire history of manned flight. Starting with the Wright Brothers it takes visitors through decades of innovation and ingenuity right up to the marvellous planes of today. History, military and mechanical buffs will love it while even regular guests will find out plenty they didn't know before!

Things to Do

  • The Museum's main draw is most certainly its impressive collection of historic aircraft. Original military and civilian aircraft can be seen along with fascinating reproductions of the Wright Brother's early experiments and their first working plane. Hands on exhibits and demonstrations explain the wonders of flying. You can take a stroll through the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame or get closer to the Museum's great collection of engines. There is a full diorama which explores aviation during the Second World War and it is possible to catch lectures and presentations at the J.D Benn Theatre.
  • One fun activity for children in grades 5 and above is the Museum's Scavenger Hunt. The aim of the Hunt is to work through the Museum's various exhibits and planes to find answers to a set of questions.

Virginia Aviation Museum Insider Tips

  • Check out the inside observation deck to take a closer look at the aircraft hanging from the Museum's ceiling.
  • There are picnic tables outside of the Museum where you can bring your own food and eat either before or after your visit.

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