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Vocabulary Builder Sentence Blitz

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Activity Overview

Expand your family's vocabulary, ace those challenging vocabulary tests, and it is never too early to bolster vocabulary skills for the SATs of the future. This fun family challenge gets kids of all ages involved in learning new words in a way that will actually incorporate them into their everyday vocabularies. Cramming for tests is never fun and rarely gives way to much information retention. When you practice with the Vocabulary Sentence Blitz, the words that you are trying to learn become memorable and fun.

Materials Needed

  • Notecards or scrap paper
  • Markers
  • Tape

How to Do It

  1. Grab your list of vocabulary words either from school or search for your own word list
  2. Look up the definitions and parts of speech for each word.
  3. Write the vocabulary word boldly in one color on the front of the card or paper
  4. In another color, write the part of speech of the word.
  5. In another color write a brief definition of the word on the card. We use markers so that the cards can be easily read when you walk by them.
  6. Tape the cards up around your home, preferably in frequently traveled areas. Some examples include bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, hallways, dining rooms.
  7. Make it a family challenge to use these words properly in your daily conversations.
  8. After a few days, when the words have gotten more familiar, challenge your family to a sentence blitz where you purposefully have a conversation, taking turns with each person using one of the words properly in a sentence so that it makes sense in the banter that ensues.

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